Look Younger: Celebs Tell You How!

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How do celebs keep their youthful glow?I have a regimen; it’s just wash your face in the morning, put some moisturizer on it, and do the same thing at night. Sleep, water, don’t drink too much. I have good genes. Whether genetics are in your favor or not, Beauty Expert Andrea Pomerantz Lustig gives us some simple advice for taking years off your appearance. The truth is, you don’t have to go for the needles, you don’t have to go for the knives. There are easy simple things you can do at home to look like a million bucks. Having a good skincare routine is crucial. Washing your face, exfoliating regularly, using masks…there are really some great skincare products out there right now.

And I think one thing – if I could give you a great tip – that women forget is that your face doesn’t stop here [places hand beneath chin]. Consider your neck part of your face; this area is so important as you age and women forget that. Lustig says there are even products out now that are specifically made for the neck. One of my favorites is from StriVectin, called TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream. It’s the #1 neck cream on the market. It actually rebuilds the elastin fiber architecture of your skin, which is critical to tightening and lifting the neck area and improves resistance to gravity over time, so you are left with tighter and more resilient skin and a more youthful-looking profile. Taking care of your profile so you don’t have those jowls can really make a difference; it can take years off your face.

After just eight weeks, 96% of clinical panelists agreed their skin felt tighter. If you want to know more about it, go to StriVectin.com. Lustig also says use a lighter hand when applying makeup. The truth is less is always more. A pop of cheek – that’s one way to make your whole face look younger and also to give your neck a boost as well, because it will give you an uplifted look.

And don’t forget about your hair. A great cut can make all the difference. One of my favorite tricks is, whenever I feel that I’m in need of a little bit of a lift, I put my hair in a high ponytail or a high twist because it instantly will give you a more uplifted effect. And there you have it: You don’t have to be a celebrity to have great-looking skin..

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