Look 10-20 Years Younger than Your Age

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Hi guys! I am Tonya Zavasta Just 4 more months, and I’ll be sixty. As I grow older chronologically, so do all of you, my subscribers and YouTube viewers. I’ve started to receive messages from women over 50, who feel defeated by age. They say, ok Tonya, even with a good diet and with the best skincare products we cannot halt aging. It seems age is winning no matter what. I’ve decided to record this video to respond to these comments. We cannot stop aging entirely. That much is true. Let me give you some perspective. Here is what happens. We start seeing the signs of aging as early as, say, age 25. This speeds up from one decade to the next.

But after age 55 or so, the changes happen even faster, like every year, and these changes are more and more dramatic. Still, I m convinced we can slow down the aging process. My diet suggestions and 100 % natural beauty tips will keep you looking your lifetime best up to age 60. Here is where I am now. After 60, I suspect, things may become more challenging. So what else can we do? A lot. We can start by adjusting our thinking. I want us to remember: Health is beautiful at any age. And there is something that’s very important even for a young woman, but it’s paramount for a mature woman.

And that is your belief in your own beauty. At any age people will call you beautiful —but only when you feel beautiful first. A mature woman’s beauty resides in her confidence, in the grace she embodies, in her poise, in the knowledge of who she is. Once you have this, no one can take it away from you. Period. There are many good things that happen with age. For example, the older we get, the less we re bothered by other people’s opinions about us. We can become daring in self-expression. We’re less disturbed by other people’s drama.

We have life experience and that is precious. As a mature woman, show your confidence. And where can you find this confidence? In your good habits. Eat plenty of raw foods, be diligent in your daily skincare routine, exercise regularly, and start appreciating and loving yourself for doing your best. By believing that your years are a blessing, you’ll project security and inner strength. And that is beautiful by itself.

Let me summarize it for you. Aging, once we hit our fifties accelerates dramatically. That is a reality. At the same time nothing is more attractive than a mature woman confident in her beauty. Take good care of yourself, do your best when it comes to your appearance, but the most important: believe that age has no effect on how beautiful you are. Beauty is ageless. Make a statement of it. Own it! This is Tonya Zavasta. Thank you for watching..

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