Get Instant GLOWING Skin Using Egg Mask – How To Look YOUNGER | PrettyPriyaTV

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-GB Do subscribe to my channel if uh liked the content it really supports me. today m going to share with uh a glowing face mask. as uh can see my skin is looking so dull n there is no glow on my face. so to make this dull skin reviving we need egg white n 1 tbsp crushed sugar. now we have to mix it until it converts to a white foam, use only ceramic or metallic bowl to do this it shudn’t b a runny mask. clean ur face n then apply this to ur face now leave this for half an hour n then using a wet wipe, wipe it off. uh can also use it daily n if uh have open pores then within ten days uh vil get desired results. it made my skin super glowy n hydrated. if uh like the video then HIT ON THE LIKE BUTTON n SUBSCRIBE to my channel meet uh in my next video till then take care bbie..

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