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(marching band music) – Season two is pretty lit. It’s pretty litty. – There is a lot to expect from season two of The Quad. We of course are dealing with the aftermath of all the things that were happening last season with the rape and assault of my daughter. We’re still trying to figure out ways to keep the school afloat. – A lot of action. Lot of action this season. – Season two is dynamic. – A lot of issues that deal with race and politics, police brutality, so I’m so excited about that. – I’m still fighting these men who can’t seem to take a young woman in charge of them. Trying to figure out what I’m doing in my personal life with my family, what is the relationship going to be between me and my daughter, how are we gonna heal that. – I think last season was very heavy. With everything going on with the rape and Sydney constantly having to relive that moment. – The season itself is powerful. What makes it exciting and again, very powerful, is it’s relatable. – This season one of the biggest challenges was trying to match sort of the feel from season one.

And you know so it actually feels like we’re in the same world. But elevating it a little bit as well. – What people can expect from The Quad season two is deeper, more truthful, more honest, more relevant. Everything goes up a notch. Our highs go up. Our lows go down. – The tone on, you know, for this next season is just drastically different. You know we’re exploring different worlds, and we’re really kind of digging into the characters a little bit more. And I think you see a lot more of the college experience then we did on the first season. – Cami was a place that has a lot of pride. Then the students culturally, there’s a lot of pride.

Cami was dealing with the new presidency as everyone else is and that means they’re worried about their funding, whether or not they’re going to have funding. And I don’t mean my new presidency, I mean new presidency in the United States. – I think the political content is interesting on this show and I think it’s important to have something of framework to discuss these issues with, you know, as a family, or parent to child, or amongst friends.

I think it’s a good platform for a lot of political issues. – Institutions of higher learning, we wanna be placed in such a beautiful light because we don’t wanna mess up enrollment we want our history and everything to be beautiful. And, you know, it can still be beautiful, but at the same time, we can tell the truth. – Our writers are taking current events, and they’re making it life on our campus. And it’s exciting to see that they’re listening and that they’re watching. We talked to the writers before we even started this is just an inside scoop.

And they asked us what we wanted, and I told them that activism is a big part of my life and I’d love to see that bone in Noni. – My character’s kind of been through a lot, you know with going to jail with his girlfriend dying and then finding out that he’s a genius in math and dealing with revenge and what’s the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do. So he’s had a pretty crazy arc. And it’s still changing, like even this season, I’m like okay, cool, well I’m done with all this drama with everything I’ve dealt with in Chicago. And then here comes some more drama, but it’s on a different scale, so like, I get a lot of stuff that I get to play with as an actor. – The evolution of Carlton Pettiway is more crystallized this season as it pertains to his dedication to the student body.

He is here for the kids. – I think was happened to her during the first season forced her to grow up and have a different perspective on life. So where she’s at now, I think is a little bit more aware. Soul searching. – Ebony is wilding out. She’s back on campus this season, I’m so excited. And she’s finding her voice again. She’s finding her way. I mean she’s not the same Ebony we saw initially in the beginning, but, she is growing through her situations and so she’s evolving.

– The growth for BoJohn between season one and season two is kind of good and bad. Like with growth comes a stronger relationships on campus with his teammates, his coaches, a certain girl on campus, y’all probably know. But with that growth also comes problems cause sometimes the closer you get to somebody, the more they can hurt you. You know it’s kind of like the people that you love are the people that can hurt you the most. – Bryce, now that, you know, he’s already went through the first semester of school. You know he has an idea of what it’s about. I mean even more. Bryce has a check list. Right now, and right now, he’s doing pretty well on his check list as long as nobody comes and throws him any curve balls. I’m straight. – Yeah this season they really test Sydney and Madison’s loyalties to each other. You got to see that Madison was such a great and loyal friend through everything that she went through and now when my character goes through things, you’re gonna kind of see, can she be the loyal? Like is she even capable of having the same support and loyalty that Madison gave her? And so there are times where I feel like she can and times where she might not be able to.

So it’s something fun to kind of watch. It’s not football season anymore. So we get to discover the other college parts of the world that we didn’t really get to delve into last time. And so there’s a few racy things that tend to happen when we get to dive in a little deeper. – Phenomenal storytelling. Incredible character driven stories. An exciting, fun show. The first time ever drama based on ECPUs.

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