DermTV – How to Make Your Hands Look Younger [ Epi #63]

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[music] Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Men and Women spend so much time money and resources trying to make their facial skin look five, ten, and even fifteen years younger, and then they go out socially and meet someone new and shake hands and that extended hand is seen and the back of the hand gives away their real age, because they have not put any time or attention into making their hands look as young has their face. What are the issues that affect the skin of your hand, the same three categories that affect your face; Color issues, Texture issues and Contour issues.

With color issues it is brown blotches or even brown discreet spots called liver spots, age spots or sun spots no reds like you have on your face. For texture issues it is very similar to your face, the skin looks dull, tired, matte, and flaky. For contour issues because of a loss of substance and particularity a loss of fat on the back of your hand, you start to see bulging tendons, and the veins start to look more prominent almost as if from the wrist to the knuckle you have these tubular structures that are parallel to each other in each of the grooves here. So what can you do to make your hands look just as young as the skin of your face? For color correction to make your hands look ten to fifteen years younger rapidly in a period of one to two weeks laser off the brown spots or the brown blotches, it is a dramatic difference.

If you don’t have it lasered you could use topical bleaches to gradually lighten them over a period of weeks or months. For texture issues it is the same texture treatments that we do for your facial skin. It is mostly exfoliation with glycolic, salicylic products to take away that dull skin, to take away that flaky skin that has been held on that makes the skin look so dull. For contour corrections since we are correcting a loss of volume we need volume restorers and those are filler materials like restylne, or cosmoderm, or sculptra, and even juvaderm.

Some people actually have their own fat taken out and injected into this area and that is also a very affective way of restoring the volume. So the next time you shake hands with somebody, if you want to make sure your hands don’t give away your real age then see your dermatologist to have treatments for the back of your hands. So just the way your facial skin can lie about your age now your hand skin can also lie about your age..

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