10 Anti Aging Tips – Look Young Forever

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10 Anti-Aging Tips : Look Young Forever Tip#1: Refresh Your Body With a Good Night Sleep: Having a good night sleep is very important to freshen up your body and mind. If you want to look fresh and relax, take approximately 8 Hour sleep .It will recover your body from day’s tight and tough routines and boost your energy to work in next morning. Tip#2: Vitamin C is great to Slowing Aging Process: Vitamin C is well known antiaging agent. You should take approximately 75mg of Vitamin C in daily routine .It will help to slow down the aging process and stop to develop wrinkles. Best source to get Vitamin C Naturally is 2 Oranges. Make it your habit to eat 2 oranges daily to remain young and healthy. Tip#3: Drink water and look Younger Water is amazing thing in our lives.

Without water there is no life. Fresh, pure water is very important for healthy life. Drink plenty of pure water. It will help not only to look younger than your age but also help to reduce weight. Tip#4: Moisturize Your Face: To make your skin fresh, supple and younger, you have to moisturize your face, hands and neck. It will help to slowdown the wrinkle making process. Tip#5: Treat brown skin spots Brown skin spots make your skin very bad and there treatment is very essential to having younger look. Lemon Juice will help you to treat your skin and give you fresh and clean skin.

The lemon juice acts as a gentle bleaching agent it will gradually fade any brown spots on your skin. Tip#6: Reduce Sugar from daily Food. Using too much sugar is not good for health .Reduce the usage of sugar if you want to remain younger for long time. Eliminate the Coke and soda from your life. Tip#7: Protect your Skin with good Sunblock: Sun Rays has very bad impact on our skin. Keep the skin protected from sunrays. Use a god sunblock before going out or even before going to kitchen for cooking. Heat is also harmful for your skin. Tip#8: Whiten your teeth Another good tip for looking younger than your age is to whiten you teeth. Use whitening toothpaste to keep your smile radiant and bright. Tea and coffee leaves stains on your teeth and this is not attractive, it only makes you look a lot older Tip#9: Take a Laughing therapy. Try to remain cool and happy. Laugh daily for some time .It will help to look younger. To seem younger, put a smile on your face. Tip#10: Do not Smoke to live Younger: Smoking is not good for health.

Eliminate smoking from your life and preserve your stamina. It will help to slowing the aging process and you feel younger..

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